Rock Climbing Field

Rock Climbing Field “PEZAS” Kalo Chorio 12 km from Aghios Nikolaos
Climbing field “Peza” with trails for all levels. The location field is ideally climbing even the hottest summer days. Because of their position, the rocks Talos and Minos have shade all day. When you found in the field over the beautiful landscape, will be impressed by the steep and high cliffs around you.

Located at an altitude of 300 meters and beyond the other has a unique view of Mirabello Bay. It is for all levels and for those who want to raise their adrenaline pumping. At every level climbers deserve excellent training opportunities. You will always find countless, exquisitely crafted routes and problems to work on.

The field can be accessed by car and the distance from the car to the bottom of each rock is less than 5 minutes walking.

Names of Rocks
1. Talos
2. Minoas
3. Istronas
4. Panas

Contact number: +30 6974 891725 Dimitris Koulougousidis


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